Beijing Pre-Wedding – Denise & Adrian

One of the greatest achievement is to shoot on one of the 7 wonders of the world and we did it! We have finally fulfilled our dream to visit China and their beautiful architectural and nature. It has been a pleasure to document for Denise and Adrian who are open to the idea of shooting in Beijing. We have the same objectives and although they have not immediately decided on the adventure, in the end it was a Yes. We are so excited about the trips and thanks Adrian for feeding me with many information about Beijing as I have not much time to do more research due to our busy. Next thing we know, we are off to Beijing! Beijing is a marvelous city with a rich heritage and culture. I will never forgot such a wonderful trip with beautiful people. Thanks Denise and Adrian for the opportunity as well as Denise’s mum Jennifer, Sister Daphane as well as our lovely makeup artist Sasa (Joscelyn Tan) for making this a memory.